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Introduction to IRC
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a real-time text-based chat system. It enables you to chat with other people who are on the server at the same time as you. Auran has established its own IRC server to support chat among our Planet Auran citizens. We currently have the following dedicated Chat channels:

Trainz, UTC and TRS2004 Channels:
  • Trainz: #Trainz
  • Trainz (French): #Trainz_Francais
  • Trainz (Spanish): #Trainz_Espanol
  • Trainz (Nordic): #Trainz_Nordic

  • Auran Jet: #Auran_Jet
  • Auran d20: #d20
  • General Discussion: #Auran

Joining the Auran IRC Server
You can join the Auran chat channels right now via our Web based IRC interface.

Other Ways of Joining Auran's IRC Server.
You need to get an IRC client that enables you to connect with our IRC server. One of the most popular clients that we recommend is mIRC, which can be downloaded from

To join the Auran server use the following details:

Port: 6667
Channel: Choose one of the channels listed above.

IRC Commands
mIRC comes with a full help system description of the various commands that you can use. The following information may help you to get up and running with the basics:

To Join
Web site Chat Interface: Open the Chat Window interface by clicking the Chat menu option. Complete the form by entering your Planet Auran nickname (or alternatively any nickname that you may want to use). Then simply select the connect button and you will join the channel.

MIRC: The Join command allows you to join channels such as #Trainz. To join channel #Trainz for example simply type /join #Trainz into your client.

With both the Web site Chat interface and mIRC, once you are in the channel simply type the text of your messages and hit enter to send the message to the open channel for all to read and respond to if they wish.

To exit IRC: Simply close the Web site chat interface window, or exit the mIRC client.

Private Messaging

Web Site Chat Interface: If you want to send a particular user a private message that is not seen by everyone on the channel then double click on the nickname that you want to private message. Double click again to return back to the public channel.

MIRC: Simply double-click on that users nick ( all user nicks on the channel are listed on the right hand side of the mIRC interface). A dialogue box will pop up and all text that you enter and send will only be viewable by that particular user.

Alternatively, you can type '/msg [nickname] your message' to private message. For example '/msg Jim Hi Jim' will privately send the text "Hi Jim" to Jim.

Please note that the users with @ prefixing their usernames eg @John_Banks are Auran and Community moderators. Moderators or channel operators have the ability to kick and ban people from the server for inappropriate conduct such as the use of offensive language.

If you have questions that you would like to be answered please directly message the session moderator with your question. Details on how to direct or private message are provided above. You will be unable to enter questions directly to the channel while it is in moderated mode. The moderator will enter questions which an Auran staff member will answer in the main channel.

Please understand that it is generally not possible to answer all of the questions that are asked although Auran staff attempt to respond to as many as possible over the duration of the session.

All forthcoming chat session details will be announced on the Auran Web site and via our mailing lists. If you would like to use this feature please join via Planet Auran where you can also sign up to be notified by mailing list.

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