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Trainz Railroad Simulator Museum Edition

Using the latest technology, visitors to your museum can now be part of an exciting interactive entertainment experience using Trainz Railroad Simulator.

Customisable scenarios, routes and locomotives that are relevant to your museum or tourist railway

Visitors can take control of the train like a true driver, or just sit back and enjoy the view

Many options to choose from including:
Drive your virtual train using the controls from inside a fully equipped real locomotive cabin with a 42” plasma screen replacing the view out the front windscreen

PC setup that lets you choose from keyboard control or a RailDriver interface that allows visitors to drive the train using levers, switches and buttons similar to a real locomotive

The highly successful home PC edition is also available for distribution from your merchandise store.

For an extensive information pack, including screenshots, pictures, media clip, and software demonstration, contact

Our aim is to provide you with a simulation experience to suit your budget and target audience, and to increase visitor numbers to your museum or tourist railway.

We look forward to hearing from you


“Trainz Railroad Simulator" is one of the main highlights of Australia’s "Ipswich Railway Workshops" recently completed $30 million museum.

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