Running Timetables and Schedules
Using the new Schedule Rule you can now tell your Drivers where to be at what time.
To set up a simple two station passenger run, follow these steps:
- Open Surveyor and create a new map.
- Open the Objects Menu and choose Brick Station Large and place it on the map.
- Click on the ? icon then L-Click on the station to bring up the Properties Window.
- Here you can edit the various settings such as rate of passengers arriving on the platform and the percentage that they get off.
- Add Brick Medium 2 which is a dual platform station.
- Connect these stations with track and signal as appropriate.
- Choose a loco and then place several BR Mk1 cars in your consist
- Click on the Edit Session Rules icon
- Click on Add Rule and then scroll down and choose Schedule Rule from the list.
- Click on Edit and change the name of the rule to Passenger Test
- Click on Select Train and choose your train from the list
- Click on Insert Destination and choose your first passenger station
- Set the departure and arrival time using a 24 clock. You can also add seconds by typing 6 digits. e.g 111030 will show as 11:10:30
- To issue an order for the Driver for when he arrives (normally load - this will both load and unload passengers from your train), click on the large red X (Command icon).
- Choose Load from the list.
- The click on the Track name icon and choose the platform name which you wish to stop at (look at the signs on the station to find this out)
- Repeat these steps for station 2.
- You can also give orders to Insert Trackmark (or a series of trackmarks) which allows you to place trains into sidings at appropriate times or to take a specific track.
- There is no need to place an order when you use Drive to Trackmark
- Save the Schedule
- There are two ways you can start your schedule. To start the schedule manually, start a Driver Session (Ctrl-F2 or click on the Driver Icon) and issue a Driver a new command "Drive Schedule". To get your driver to start automatically, whilst in Surveyor, click on Driver Setup and select the Driver you have issued the Schedule to. Then R-Click on the green arrow in his order display window and choose Drive Schedule. Click on the green checkmark (tick) to Save, then start your Driver Session (Ctrl-F2 or click on the Driver Icon).
- You can have as many schedules as you like, and follow the progress of each Driver by examining their Timetable (click on the Schedule Icon or choose Schedule from the Driver Commands list. Bob will stop at each station to load and unload passengers, then depart at his predetermined time. He'll also let you know whether he is on time or running behind schedule. Of course you also get to take over and run the schedule yourself (click on Stop Train to take control ).