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N3V Games Supporting Victims Of The Queensland Floods

As a Queensland company with many of our employees living in Brisbane, we've been touched closely by these unfortunate floods. We'd like to send out best wishes to everyone affected by these tragic events and hope you all stay safe and well.

We're doing our bit to help out by donating in-game revenues from our massively multiplayer game Runes of Magic. For more details please visit Runes of Magic and to donate directly please visit The Queensland Premiers Flood Relief Appeal.

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Trainz Multiplayer Hots Up!

You've already let us know how much you dig Trainz Multiplayer! Over 15,000 players registered their TS 2010 serials by the deadline of January 10 so as not to miss out on getting access to the Open Beta.

Speaking of which, the open beta is coming this month and here are few more details to whet your appetite for what is the biggest event in Trainz' 10 year history!

Trainz Multiplayer Open Beta Launch Features:
  • Play with Trainz enthusiasts from all across the world.
  • All features of single player driver are included like picking up passengers or transport freight, work in a yard and building consists.
  • 2 free play maps.
  • 1 co-operative session (to be released shortly after launch).
Besides these great launch features we'll also be adding new features as we go and best of all we are looking forward to hearing your feedback and ideas about how we can improve the game.

So register on our forums, join us on Facebook and Twitter and be a part of Trainz history!

Meet The People Working On Trainz

In the coming weeks we're going to introduce you to various members of the Trainz development team and see what makes them tick.

Today we're introducing Terry Palmer. Terry is the lead programmer on Trainz Multiplayer and has been with N3V for 4 years.

Hi Terry, thanks for taking the time out to be interviewed for the newsletter.

Q. What's your role on Trainz?

A. Primarily I'm a programmer, but I also look after a few things related to the Download Station and do some occasional scripting for our websites. My main role includes adding new features for future versions of Trainz and fixing bugs as they pop up.

Q. What's the best thing about working on Trainz?

A. Well Trainz is such a community oriented game, it's nice to be a part of that. I'm sure everyone will agree that Trainz wouldn't be what it is without the huge community of players and content creators that support it. Being able to listen to that community and implement the features that they are calling for, like multiplayer, is really satisfying.

Q. What's the best feature in Trainz that you've implemented and why?

A. It would have to be multiplayer. It's probably the biggest feature addition I've worked on since starting with Trainz and it's been fantastic fun to take it from the early design stages right through to the open beta, which is just around the corner! I can't wait to hear what the players think on the forums.

Q. What do you think people are going to enjoy most about Trainz Multiplayer?

A. Well for me personally, it's the little things. I've spent quite a bit of time driving in multiplayer during it's development and I still get a kick out blasting the horn when I pass another driver out on the plains. The in game chat also lends itself to some interesting conversations and it's nice to be able to organise a switching operation with another player, rather than having to try and guess what the AI may decide to do. Even if you don't think it's for you, I highly recommend everybody give multiplayer a go during the beta. You may be surprised how much fun you have.

Q. What do you like doing in your spare time?

A. Well I'm privileged enough to have a job that I love doing, so quite often I'm still working! When I'm not coding though, I'm a bit of a photography nerd. I own 5 SLR cameras, mostly film, and love exploring areas of the city often overlooked by others, like disused switching yards full of rusting old rolling stock.

Stay tuned to our newsletter for more great interviews from our Trainz development team.

Trainz iPad will be getting an update soon, keep checking this newsletter, Facebook and Twitter to get the news first.
Check out the videos and links to download Trainz for your iPad

The feature packed Duchess set is a must have for anyone with a taste for the romance of rail.

Conceived by the office of Sir William A. Stanier FRS, the Duchess is a classic example of British engineering at its finest.

  • 36 Duchesses in both LMS Crimson and BR Brunswick Green
  • 24 Stanier Period III Carriages in both LMS Crimson and BR Crimson and Cream comprised of BTK to D1905, TO to D1904 and FK to D1930
  • Authentically detailed loco cab and rideable passenger interiors.
  • Scripted couplers, steam heat and brake hoses compatible with existing S&C stock.
  • Scripted loco headcodes.
  • Scripted carriage lights and tail lamps.
Please note 'Trainz DLC - Duchess' Requires Trainz Simulator 2010 SP3 or above to be installed.


Save with these Duchess and Blue Comet Combo Packs!

TS2010 + Blue Comet + Duchess

Blue Comet + Duchess

Build and operate the railroad of your dreams!

Trainz Simulator 2010: Engineers Edition includes everything you need to build and operate your own dream railroad. You can build a fun layout in minutes, faithfully recreate a steam railroad from days gone by or develop a fully fledged 100+ mile prototypical route; the choice is yours.

Check out these great TS2010 value combos below! Click on the images for more information.

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Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe Edition now available on the Auran store!

Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe Edition contains Sail Simulator 5 PLUS the Boat Set 1 add-on all for $39.99!

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The Blue Comet addon pack recreates the excitement and splendour of this remarkable train. Stunningly detailed and making use of up-to-date smoke, sound, physics and script features, the Blue Comet promises to be a satisfying addition to your Trainz collection. TS2009 Service Pack 4 now makes The Blue Comet compatible with Trainz 2009!
You can download the manual patch here:

Check out the Blue Comet website and download some of the desktop wallpapers


Haven't had the chance to check out My First TRAINZ Set yet? Have a look at what these reviewers have said:

"...with the price of hobby trains [being so costly], this is surely a title that all rail enthusiasts should own." - Charlotte Woolley of Gamercast.

"Setting up model train tracks can be a really fun activity, but there's no denying that the set-up process can be cumbersome and it takes a lot of time to clean up... N3V's My First Trainz Set, slanted toward a younger audience, lets players set up train tracks all around the house - a virtual house, that is - without all the mess or the parental scolding." - Mark Raby of GameZebo.

My First TRAINZ Set lets you experience the world from a unique perspective as you drive miniature trains all over the house! Drive on fun default courses or design your own landscape by easily moving objects in each room and building track on anything you want! Is the couch in the way of your railroad? Simply move it out of the way - even stack it on the piano!

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My First TRAINZ Set is available right now for digital download. Follow the link below to purchase a digital copy or order a boxed copy and take advantage or this price reduction!

Sale price: $19.95(AUD)


Don't miss out on this great opportunity to check out out range of simulation titles! Try your hand at managing an driving a tank, building a skyscraper, transporting rail cargo and more! These games make great Christmas gifts!

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Jointed Rail Locomotives - New Releases!

Purchase downloadable Locomotives for Trainz Simulator 2010 and Trainz Simulator 2009.

BNSF/CN pack
- UP Heritage MP


UP pack
- UP Heritage SP


UP Heritage pack
- Union Pacific


Note: All prices are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD).
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