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Developer Interview With James Moody

In the second of our Trainz developer interviews, we're talking to James Moody, a self confessed train and Trainz nut. James was a third party Trainz content creator before he joined the Trainz development team proper.

Hi James, thanks for your time.

Q. What's your role on Trainz?

A. I'm a programmer on the Trainz team, and I've been working on Trainz since mid 2007, originally for Auran, and now for N3V. Before I joined the Trainz team, I've also been a beta tester and a 3rd party content creator - and I've been using Trainz since v1.1.2 all the way back in early 2002.

Q. What's the best thing about working on Trainz?

A. The most satisfying thing for me is seeing what 3rd party creators make with the features I've added to Trainz - and seeing their creations come to life as they move from a static pieces of art to working models.

Q. What's the best feature in Trainz that you've implemented and why?

A. Do I have to choose just one? There are so many to choose from! I think I'm going to have to have two favourites...

Firstly the signalling system I added to Trainz - which not only greatly extended what 3rd parties could do with signals without scripting, but also provided the proper hooks to allow creators with scripting experience to extend the system properly - from small tweaks right up to creating entirely new signal systems that operate in dramatically different ways to the default Trainz signalling logic.

Secondly the system I wrote to manage inter-vehicle couplings. ACS is a follow-up to the BlueStar standard that I co-wrote with David "PikkaBird" Dallaston. It is used to make sure the couplers and hoses are connected where possible, and stowed safely away when not possible to connect. ACS was actually written before I joined Auran, but has been used on vehicles included in TC3, TS2009:S&C and in TS2010. We also use it in all the N3V built addon train packs.

Q. What do you think people are going to enjoy most about Trainz Multiplayer?

A. To me the best thing about it is probably the simplest and most obvious - all the other trains are driven by humans. You can join a game with people from anywhere around the world, or one that is just for your group of friends. Either way, you work together with other people to operate the railroad.

It gets better still if one person in the group plays dispatcher - when you are playing the role of a driver, receiving your orders from a human dispatcher, with all the other traffic also obeying their dispatcher orders, Trainz suddenly has a whole new feel to it. It's very different to the feel of the existing single player mode.

And imagine playing that dispatcher role, too. Working out the train movements, what will fit in what loop, making sure everyone has something to do, and no-one is waiting anywhere for too long...

Q. What do you like doing in your spare time?

A. I'm a confirmed train nut, so a lot of what you'll find me doing is train related. I've got some kit trackwork I'm building, and there's a steadily growing line of carriages on my workbench awaiting the razor saw - I'll be converting them to different types by cutting the windows and doors out and gluing them back in different places.

You might also find me working on the plan for my layout. The garage looks like it has the most potential so far - if only I could tidy away all the junk in it!

I'm also still a route builder and content creator - so you could find me in front of Surveyor or Max. I've got several routes I'm working on, and an enormous library of unfinished Trainz content that needs finishing too...

Stay tuned to our newsletter for more great interviews from our Trainz development team.

Upgrades to Trainz Download Station Servers

Leading up to Christmas we received huge numbers of people downloading from the Trainz Download Station. Combined with the enormous amount of custom content thats been added this year we had some issues with connections maxing out.

The good news is that both the basic Download Station and the First Class Tickets service (see below) were upgraded recently.

Right now, 8 times as many people are downloading from the basic Download Station than the First Class Ticket Server, and it's still possible that some people may have connection problems on the basic service.

We are continuously working and upgrading the servers to meet the needs of the Trainz community and we hope you'll be patient. We understand that not everyone wants to buy a First Class Ticket but if you do you'll be helping the whole Trainz community as this service helps pay for the whole Download Station including basic access.

We'd like to apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we work towards making Trainz better for everyone.


The Trainz Team

First Class Ticket
(Premium Download Station Access)
In order to maintain a quality service, we offer a "First Class Ticket" service - a premium access service for access to the Download Station.

First Class Ticket accounts will receive better access, as well as faster download times. To view current download rates click here. Download rates may vary from graph due to internet traffic and location.


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