Zuraya Hamilton
Producer / Studio Manager
Zuraya’s career began as a BA graduate of Film & Television from Queensland College of Art/ Griffith University. She then went on to work as a production manager and agency producer in Sydney creating and coordinating some 150 radio and TV commercials over a period of 4 years. With an interest in Series production she moved back to QLD to work as the script coordinator on "Beast master" series 1 at Warner Bros studio Gold Coast. The year 2000 saw her as a department Coordinator on feature film blockbuster, "Star Wars" Episode 2, produced at Fox Studios, North Africa and the UK. Zuraya has first hand experience in the music industry as a recording artist signing her debut album to Sony Asia in 2001. Her first single was released across 11 territories in Asia featuring on Channel V and MTV.

Daniel Fournier
Composer / Mastering Engineer
As a Tonmeister from the University of Surrey (UK) Daniel Fournier came to Australia from France to take up the position of Music Technology Convener and Senior Lecturer in Music Technology from 1983 until 1999 at the QLD Conservatorium of Music. He was responsible for supervising and directing the technical maintenance and development of recording studio work of the all Music Technology areas. In 1991 Daniel, created the Digital Archives Network. D.A.N. set out to offer a variety of audio services from recording, engineering, editing and compiling through to producing, pre-mastering, mastering, duplicating and archiving. With vast experience in acoustics, audio engineering techniques, hardware, recording, computer science, mathematics, software, physiques and Sonology. Daniel brings to UltraSonique Audio over 25 years of experience. He offers musical and technical expertise, well trained ears and in his words, "a faithful documentation of the sounds conceived by artists".

Ben Stewart
Producer / Engineer
The key to being a freelance audio engineer/ producer for Ben has been the ability to adapt his skills to a broad range of environments. By the time he'd received his Bachelor of Music - Music Technology with honours in 2000, he had already built a base of clients in such various fields as music production, audio post production for film and live sound. He now works regularly at Ultrasonique, several live venues and with a plethora of bands and musicians. In terms of studio production, Ben has worked with a diverse range of local Brisbane acts, such as the Boat People, Roger That, Misinterprotato, Dead Day Sun, Mr Ben, Diffuse and Matt Love. Ben also has the makings of a burgeoning music career of his own and you may seem him playing solo around town (and soon the world) as Ben E Stewart.

Mark Bowler
Producer / Engineer / Composer
Producer Mark Bowler first started the journey on his professional music career at the ripe old age of five! He has a broad range of experience and skill and is both contemporary and classically trained. Having toured overseas numerous times, he has been a Music teacher, a 25 piece Big Band director and musician, a member of a successful Rock band, producer, engineer and composer. As a Music Technology graduate from the Conservatorium, Mark has also produced soundtracks for a number of commercials currently featured on Australian Television. Setting up technical and music-related computer systems is also one of Mark’s skills and he supports many of Brisbane’s music professionals in this manner. Mark's collaborative efforts with Euro Artist DJ SZAB has resulted in an dance/ techno album release in Europe and Australia early 2004. Innovative, versatile, creative and computer savvy Mark has all the ingredients to qualify him as part if the Ultrasonique crew.

Matt Connolly
Producer / Engineer
As an engineer of some 12 years Matt has a wide skill base that encompasses experience in music recording, film, DVD, television, commercials,
and computer games. He is a graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, and received a Sunnie Award for Best Engineer in 2001. He has excellent knowledge in computer based recording systems and sequencers in particular Pro Tools and Logic Audio. His super fast skills in post production sound has seen Matt engineer ADR/dialogue recording, editing, music tracking, sound design and surround sound mixing on many feature film titles. Career highlights include such film projects as Peter Pan, Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo 2, and Inspector Gadget 2. Matt has engineered for high profile actor Joseph Fiennes, US superstar Benjamin Bratt, Freddie Prinze Jr and Australian Talents Sigrid Thornton and Bill Hunter to name a few. Matt brings diversity, experience and an easy going, "nothing is a problem attitude" to sound productions at Ultrasonique Audio.


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