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15th May 2002

Hi everyone,

The Trainz community has been growing rapidly over the past few months in the wake of the Trainz retail release and we can no doubt anticipate many new visitors with the European release now in full swing.

This growth has been accompanied by an outburst of creativity that has resulted in a flood of new content for Trainz made by the many talented members of the Trainz community --- from lots of layouts to new locomotive models, many great skins and numerous other trackside objects, structures and accessories. See what I'm talking about for yourself and visit Download Station, you will no doubt find a few downloads that will liven up your layout :)

Here's an idea of what's currently available from Download Station:
Buildings / Structures 66
Layouts 59
Locomotives 72
Miscellaneous 11
Road 14
Rolling Stock 97
Textures 5
Track 5
Trackside Accessories 14
Vehicles 7

Today's New Uploads Include:
Eric Zadro 1967 Mini Coopers Vehicles
badtrash WSOR Rolling Stock
Terry Franks Co-op Bank Buildings / Structures
Terry Franks Beam Bridge Buildings / Structures
Terry Franks Barclays Bank Buildings / Structures
Ian Manion TowerCrane Buildings / Structures
George H. SW7 New Haven 650 Locomotives
George H. SW7 Chicago & Northwestern 129 Locomotives
George H. GP38 Reading Lines 5500 Locomotives
David Dallaston BR Class 24 and 25 Locomotives
George H. SW7 Bangor Aroostook 33 Locomotives
George H. GP38 Reading Lines 3640 Locomotives
George H. GP38 Great Northern 2500 Locomotives
George H. GP38 Erie-Lakawanna 2551 Locomotives
David Dallaston BR Class 42 Warships Locomotives
Jørgen Brandsborg 8m Wagenwende Trackside Accessories
Ole Jensen DSB MY 1101 Locomotives
Mattijs Tieleman NS Plan E Pack 1950s Rolling Stock
Tom Nilsson GP38-2_AC_3802 Locomotives

The Download Station current hit parade of top five downloads are:
1. Sagatukett
[Downloaded: 2217]
2. New River Rail
[Downloaded: 1961]
3. Union Pacific DD40X
[Downloaded: 1685]
4. Rail Ale
[Downloaded: 1408]
5. SAR Passenger Station 2 Tracks
[Downloaded: 1356]

The Current Top 5 Uploaderz are:
1. gjvh 41
2. tafweb 19
3. Drucifer 14
4. tony-meredith 11
5. 3801 11

Thanks guys for the great contributions.

Talking about additional content, you should also take the time to check out some of the excellent Trainz fan sites that have emerged to support the growing hobby of all thingz Trainz. For even more additional content stop by Trainz Luvr and say hi to Amigo ( On the site route don't forget to load up on all the latest Train Sim news from the fat controller himself, Barney, at CroTrainz ( One of my personal favorite stop-offs is Rebe's Trainz Humor (; as he puts it, "if it's funny, and it's about Trainz, it's here! There are many other great sites to visit that I have not mentioned, for the full list please see the Links page. Some of the more recent additions include Matt's Trainz page (, a German site specializing in all things Trainz and Gmax (, and Gary's Trainz page ( that includes details about his first layout, California Dreamin and promises some future gmax tutorials.

If you have any announcements that you would like me to include about updates, features or events on your Trainz site please let me know and I will include the details in a future edition of the Trainz Community Express.

In support of our multi-national Trainz Community and accompanying the European retail release of Trainz we have now opened new French, German and Spanish language forum areas. These new language areas are currently unmoderated as unfortunately I'm only an English speaker (I know that is slack).

Finally, my Trainz forum waffle thread of the week. Some of the master wafflers are in fine form in the following thread:

Come over to the Krok side young Prr001

Stay tuned for more Trainz Community Express next week!


John Banks :)

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