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26th June 2002

Hi everyone,

As mentioned in today's news, Service Pack 3 is on schedule for a 1 July release! This will be supported with a few significant new features being introduced to Download Station.

Website in the Spotlight

The website of the week comes to your from CeeBee! Check out CeeBee's Trainz site for his collection of regularly updated screenshots.

Amigo, host of has been hard at work and is pleased to announce new search features that make it easier to find just what you're looking for in the way of Trainz content. He has introduced a site-wide full database search engine that will look for content on Trainz Luvr, in both Projects & Workshops and Outside Parties Downloads. Take a look at the new features here.

Screenshot of the Week

If you're into steam then take a peek at this fantastic screenshot from Prowler901. Prowler's work in modelling steam is quite simply superb --- and it is not even officially supported at this stage ;) You may also look to drop by Prowler's Den for the full steam drool experience. A fantastic effort Prowler!

Download Station Report

Currently available from Download Station:
Buildings / Structures 134
Layouts 69
Locomotives 125
Miscellaneous 28
MSTS Addon 2
Road 18
Rolling Stock 274
Textures 8
Track 15
Trackside Accessories 24
Vehicles 15

This Week's New Uploads Include:
1802ta TW Hirrs4 Weathered 1 of 2 Rolling Stock
1802ta TW Hirrs4 Weathered 2 of 2 Rolling Stock
Mike10 Viaducts with ballast on top Track
kBagyula H0 TTrainz transparent Buildings / Structures
bobitaly Castle Buildings / Structures
bobitaly Castle tower Buildings / Structures
bobitaly House Italian Buildings / Structures
bobitaly Italian House Buildings / Structures
bobitaly Road Trash Miscellaneous
cjtid Coconut Tree Miscellaneous
NYOW2000 Susquehanna S2 Locomotive 206 Locomotives
majekear 40ft Boxcar TP&W Rocket 808 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar Robert E Lee Rolling Stock
josephbm MonCircuiHO Road
sdark UK Level Crossing Track
sdark UK Signal Post Trackside Accessories
KiwiGD GWR1 nonscenic Layouts
genesteal SNCF PACK1 Rolling Stock
cjtid Pineapple Bush Miscellaneous
vulcan Australian Service Utilities Buildings / Structures
majekear 50ft Boxcar St Mary Railroad Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar RF&N LinkingN&S Rolling Stock
majekear 4Bay Hopper Golden Pig Serv Rolling Stock
majekear 4Bay Hopper Lincoln Grain Inc Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Refrig NPM 585 Rolling Stock
majekear Hopper 3Bay Continental Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar Lehigh Val 60065 Rolling Stock
majekear Hopper 3-Bay Producers Rolling Stock
John_SB Great Northern S 317 Locomotives
Mike10 Plate Girder Bridges Track
majekear 4Bay Hopper Glasshopper Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Reefer Swift Silverleaf Rolling Stock
majekear Hopper 3-Bay Wonder Bread Rolling Stock
ironpenguin Tanker Filling rack Buildings / Structures
Stuz South West RR Version 2 Layouts
majekear 4Bay Hopper Katalistiks Rolling Stock
majekear 4Bay Hopper Farmers Elevator Rolling Stock
majekear 4Bay Hopper Pool UPN 101 Rolling Stock
majekear 4BayHopperDarlingInternational Rolling Stock
majekear 4Bay Hopper Florida Tile Rolling Stock
majekear 3Bay Hopper Carborundum Rolling Stock
majekear 3Bay Hopper GN 172379 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Reef Squirrel Peanuts Rolling Stock
cjtid Retired Miscellaneous
mattoo Q.R.383 Locomotives
Mike10 Alpine Viaducts Track
whitepass WPY92 Locomotives
whitepass WPY94 Locomotives
whitepass NWLC1 Locomotives
majekear 4Bay Hopper CSXGrainExpress Rolling Stock
majekear 4Bay Hopper CP SOO 116146 Rolling Stock
majekear 4Bay Hopper SIGCO 101 Rolling Stock
majekear 4Bay Hopper Cominco 172373 Rolling Stock

The Download Station current hit parade of top five all time downloads are:
1. Sagatukett
[Downloaded: 2575]
2. New River Rail
[Downloaded: 2379]
3. SAR Passenger Station 2 Tracks
[Downloaded: 1615]
4. Rail Ale
[Downloaded: 1491]
5. SAR Passenger Station 3 Tracks
[Downloaded: 1431]

This Week's Top Five Downloads
1. Q.R.383
[Downloaded: 340]
2. Alpine Viaducts
[Downloaded: 193]
3. NWLC1
[Downloaded: 181]
4. Australian Service Utilities
[Downloaded: 161]
5. 4Bay Hopper CSXGrainExpress
[Downloaded: 159]

The Current Top 5 Uploaderz are:
1. majekear 128
2. tafweb 47
3. gjvh 41
4. RailroadKing 21
5. tony-meredith 19

Don't forget to stop by the Station early next week for the unveiling of a few new features!

The Trainz forum waffle thread of the week is "Old Trams, Early Ships, Horse/Carriages/Wagons". Barry branches out from ships to a discussion of all things transport pre-motor vehicle.

We're looking forward to hearing your feedback on Service Pack 3; the brew crew and the Trainz beta-test team are putting in a huge effort to get it just right.

Until next week......


John Banks

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