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Hi everyone,

Wow, a busy few weeks here for the Trainz team. Some exciting announcements will be coming your way soon(tm). Over the past week I have been finalising the details for both the new beta test group and the Trainz Third-Party Support Program. I would like to thank all of you who have sent in your expressions of interest. All of the successful applicants for the beta-test group should have now received their email invitation together with the Non-Disclosure agreement. Please return the completed agreement as soon as possible so that we can get you up and running with the testing process. As to what they will be testing, well that is a secret (tm) at this stage, but all will be revealed in the not too distant future. As to the Third-Party Support program, the emails with the NDAs will start to go out today. If you are a third-party content creator and have not as yet forwarded your expression of interest in participating, please send your details through to as soon as possible. We will be revealing our plans for the Trainz Third-Party Content Program over the course of the next week on the private forum area that supports the program.

The Trainz crew are so busy on the next stage of Trainz that we will not be updating the news this week. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements that are not all that far away!

In this week's Trainz website in the spotlight I'd like to introduce you to the guys from the Swedish Train Workshops :

We are 3 members in STW or the Swedish Train Workshops: Mats "emges" Strid, Jan "Janne" Kärrbäck and Fredrik "Skogen" Skog. Fredrik and me are working in the smithy producing our detailed models. Janne is standing by the easel providing high quality textures for the models. When not creating models, Fredrik is handling the swedish forum and beta testing Trainz. I'm also responsible for our website. I almost forgot that we also have the ever-present quality assurance inspector and test engineer too. Not quite real members but without them we'd have no one to blame when bugs crop up:)

Our main goal is to create more freeware Trainz content specific to Sweden, such as locomotives, rolling stock and landscape objects. We try to focus on the historical side of Swedish railroads. We think this is a very important dimension as everything change with time. By creating not just a realistic landscape but also the right era we will get that extra touch of recognition. If at the same time we learn and spread some historical knowledge about Swedish railroads, all the better.

The electric engines from Sweden are our favourites. All from the experimenting years in the 1910s through the glorious 40s to today's hi-speed trains. Although some members are not quite as enthusiastic about the latter rocket trains:) We have a very long wish list of things to do and we take decisions together of what we most want to see next.

STW actually started as a joint MSTS and Trainz project. However we soon found out the difficulties in making content for both games and now focus solely on Trainz. The ease of creating and support of the Trainz community is fabulous and very inspiring to us all.

We decided to make our website ( all in English as we've found out that there are many enthusiasts outside Sweden curious about Swedish railroads too. We wish to invite them all to visit and download our material. The website is intended to give the feel of an early 20th century company catalogue aimed at train operators looking for new stock to their business. The cost is not the historical one but rather a comparative price based on the performance of the engine. Perhaps a taste of what it could look like when Trainz Boss is around:)

So far we've created 6 engines from 1925 to 1950. From the early wooden chassis express train Ds to the heavy freight hauler Ma, built in 1950s and still used today. All have unique models, textures, animations and engine data. Also we have over 20 passenger cars from the 60s to today plus some high detailed freight cars in the works. Many landscape objects are on the way too. We are right now in the process of converting them all to SP3 and it's proceeding very well.

The members of STW are very dedicated and very motivated, and on top of that - are having a great lot of fun!

Fantastic work guys! If you would like your Trainz website profiled in a Community Express please feel free to email a description through to

The Screenshotz for this week are of Tolaris' Acela, check it out as they are stunning. Thanks for contributing the screenshots Boweavel.

Don't forget to stop by at the Download Station and get your hands on the awesome Amtrak Acela Train set created by Tolaris. Now for this week's Download Station Report...

Currently available from Download Station:
Animals 1
Buildings / Structures 342
Layouts 114
Locomotives 395
Miscellaneous 79
Road 21
Rolling Stock 835
Scenarios 6
Terrain Features 15
Textures 90
Track 63
Trackside Accessories 110
Vehicles 19

This Week's New Uploads Include:
vulcan Tugboat Marion Buildings / Structures
vulcan Tugboat Buildings / Structures
sg1 SOO_40ft_16687 Rolling Stock
davidt NSWGR 42 Class Locomotives
sg1 SOO_40ft_16683 Rolling Stock
sg1 ATSF_40ft_Boxcar_205037 Rolling Stock
sg1 BN_40ft_321701 Rolling Stock
sg1 BN_40ft_214637 Rolling Stock
sg1 BN_40ft_730513 Rolling Stock
sg1 ATSF_40ft_Boxcar_188298 Rolling Stock
sg1 BN_40ft_249710 Rolling Stock
Judge 37710 Locomotives
Judge 37710 Miscellaneous
majekear 40ft Boxcar CSXT 502273 Rolling Stock
^MuYa^ Conrail GP-38 #7905 Locomotives
^MuYa^ Conrail GP-38 #7899 Locomotives
^MuYa^ Conrail GP-38 #7885 Locomotives
^MuYa^ Conrail GP-38 #7880 Locomotives
^MuYa^ Norfolk Southern GP-38 #2922 Locomotives
^MuYa^ Norfolk Southern GP-38 #2921 Locomotives
^MuYa^ Norfolk Southern GP-38 #2909 Locomotives
^MuYa^ Norfolk Southern GP-38 #2908 Locomotives
Knoxx Amtrak_117_f7b Locomotives
Knoxx Amtrak_117_f7a Locomotives
OverlordNZ 20' OCR 5 Track Signal Gantry Trackside Accessories
OverlordNZ OCR 5 Track Signal Gantry Trackside Accessories
majekear 50ft Boxcar Kansas City Southern 29144 Rolling Stock
majekear Gondola CN 90830 Rolling Stock
Blue Pascoe Wagon Rolling Stock
Blue Parcels Van Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Missouri Pacific 366763 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar SL-SF Frisco 18194 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Norfolk Southern 467167 Rolling Stock
OverlordNZ OCR 5 Track Signal Gantry Trackside Accessories
psycho_aussie Swiss Flag Buildings / Structures
psycho_aussie Italian Flag Buildings / Structures
psycho_aussie German Flag Buildings / Structures
PikkaBird Caterpillar D399 Miscellaneous
PikkaBird NSWGR 47 Class Tuscan Locomotives
PikkaBird nswgr47_b_bogey Rolling Stock
PikkaBird nswgr47_a_bogey Rolling Stock
gumbytrain Nasa Alco S2 Locomotives
gumbytrain S2Nasa_int Miscellaneous
gumbytrain Alco S2-S4 Miscellaneous
gumbytrain s2_bogey Rolling Stock
vulcan Royal Engineers Hobart Buildings / Structures
psycho_aussie Queensland Rail 1550 Class Locomotives
sg1 BN F7B (725) Locomotives
Bud_Seitz PACIFIC RAIL Layouts
sg1 BN F7B (703) Locomotives
sg1 BN F7A (736) Locomotives
sg1 BN F7A (738) Locomotives
sg1 BN F7A (728) Locomotives
psycho_aussie Utility Cart Buildings / Structures
PikkaBird BR MK1 TSO Blue & Grey Rolling Stock
PikkaBird BR MK1 SK Blue & Grey Rolling Stock
PikkaBird BR MK1 RMB Blue & Grey Rolling Stock
PikkaBird BR MK1 FK Blue & Grey Rolling Stock
PikkaBird BR MK1 CK Blue & Grey Rolling Stock
PikkaBird BR MK1 BSK Blue & Grey Rolling Stock
PikkaBird BR MK1 BG Blue & Grey Rolling Stock
PikkaBird Commonwealth Bogie Rolling Stock
vulcan Royal Engineers Hobart Buildings / Structures
SPEEDSTREAM CSX Bay Window Caboose Rolling Stock
okiedustdevil SPsd40-2(OrangeBird) Locomotives
PikkaBird BR Class 37 Blue Locomotives
PikkaBird BR Class 08 Blue Locomotives
PikkaBird EE6KT Miscellaneous
PikkaBird gronk_bogey Rolling Stock
Magicland PRR Sleeper Times Square Locomotives
Magicland PRR Sleeper Andrew Carnegie Locomotives
Magicland PRR Sleeper Admiral Dewey Locomotives
Magicland PRR Parlor Newark Locomotives
Magicland PRR P70 Observation Locomotives
paulsid NAShort Scenarios
vulcan Palletised Samsung Monitor Boxes Buildings / Structures
vulcan Palletised Cannon Printer Boxes Buildings / Structures
vulcan Dockwall Track
paulsid PaulsBoard Layouts
paulsid PaulsBoard Scenarios
vulcan Palletised Panasonic Boxes Buildings / Structures
majekear 50ft Boxcar Union Pacific 172383 Rolling Stock
paulsid Miniland Layouts
paulsid Miniland Scenarios
Magicland PRR F7B Locomotives
Magicland PRR F7A Locomotives
Magicland PRR P70R Deluxe Coach Locomotives
Magicland PRR P70eR Arch Roof Coach Locomotives
Magicland PRR P70 Coach 3525 Locomotives
Magicland PRR P70 Coach Locomotives
Magicland PRR D70a Diner Locomotives
majekear 50ft Reefer NPM 585 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Reefer Bookey 65077 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Reefer Hamms 31223 Rolling Stock
java23 TableauS Trackside Accessories
majekear 50ft Reefer Dairymen League Rolling Stock
MarkHodgkinson First Great Western HST 43125 Locomotives
majekear 50ft Reefer Great Northern 8888 Rolling Stock
whitepass D&RGW passenger car Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar St Marys Railroad Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar SSW 49595 Rolling Stock
gjvh NS ICE-3 8 Locomotives
gjvh NS ICE-3 7 Locomotives
gjvh NS ICE-3 6 Locomotives
gjvh NS ICE-3 5 Locomotives
gjvh NS ICE-3 4 Locomotives
gjvh NS ICE-3 3 Locomotives
gjvh NS ICE-3 2 Locomotives
gjvh NS ICE-3 1 Locomotives
gjvh c22_ice3 Miscellaneous
gjvh c22_ice3_bogey Rolling Stock
whitepass WPY passenger car Rolling Stock
whitepass WPY passenger Interior Miscellaneous
majekear 50ft Boxcar St Lawrence 150775 Rolling Stock
whitepass WPY car 216 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Rock Island 21012 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar RBOX 39173 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Port St Joe 7000 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Port St. Joe Route 5219 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Nevada Northern 231 Rolling Stock
louvain Virgin Class 50 Locomotives
majekear 50ft Boxcar New Hope & Ivyland RR 1511 Rolling Stock
hashiriya NMR 2627 Rolling Stock
hashiriya NMR2627Door_panto Miscellaneous
hashiriya NMR 2627_bogey Rolling Stock
hashiriya NMR 2627 Miscellaneous
whitepass NW LC-1 Locomotives
whitepass NW LC-1 Miscellaneous
whitepass NWtw_bogey Rolling Stock
whitepass NWpl_bogey Rolling Stock
whitepass NWdb_bogey Rolling Stock
whitepass NWda_bogey Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar New Orleans PB 3973 Rolling Stock
davesid SP SD40T-2 Cotton Belt Locomotives
Dralex Gebirge1 Layouts
davesid UP SD40T-2 Locomotives
Euphod SW7 Norfolk Southern Locomotives
majekear 50ft Boxcar Clinchfield 7212 Rolling Stock
Jonny211 GWR_Engineers_wagon_bogey Rolling Stock
RaymondParrot Eglise Buildings / Structures
davesid DRGW SD40T-2 Locomotives
davesid SP SD40T-2 Locomotives
majekear 50ft Boxcar Penn Central 188881 Rolling Stock
davesid SP SD40T-2 Kodachrome Locomotives
majekear 50ft CP 23560 Rolling Stock
whitepass wpy94 Locomotives
davesid SP SD40T-2 Speed Letters Locomotives
rajy GMC_1920s_Truck Vehicles
whitepass CNW station Buildings / Structures
majekear 3-Bay Hopper Clinchfield 57167 Rolling Stock
Euphod SD40-2 Norfolk Southern Locomotives
Magicland PRR PB70 Combine Locomotives
Magicland PRR M70a RPO Locomotives
Magicland PRR B60B Express Locomotives
Magicland PRR B60B Baggage Locomotives
Magicland PRR B60 Baggage Locomotives
Magicland PRR_3 Rolling Stock
Blue SR Box Van Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar N&W 515165 MW Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Moscow C&SA 6048 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar N&W 42612 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar MP 366766 Rolling Stock
Cheesedog Elkhorn Layouts
Sandman2 SOO 500-A Locomotives
Sandman2 SOO 2501 Locomotives
Sandman2 SOO 2500 F7A Locomotives
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-SingleP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-Ground Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-8StackP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-8Stack Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-7StackP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-7Stack Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-6StackP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-6Stack Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-5StackP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-5Stack Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-4StackP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-4Stack Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-3StackP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-3Stack Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-2StackP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Pallet-Empty-2Stack Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Lumber-SingleP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Lumber-Single Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Lumber-PartialP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Lumber-Partial Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Lumber-4StackP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Lumber-4Stack Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Lumber-3StackP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Lumber-3Stack Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Lumber-2StackP Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Lumber-2Stack Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ 2x4 platform Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ 2x4 ground Buildings / Structures
Gary722 SOU 40' box Rolling Stock
MarkHodgkinson BR Intercity HST 43064 Locomotives
majekear 40ft Boxcar Norfolk Southern 527000 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Route Rock 300888 Rolling Stock
whitepass Al's Diner Buildings / Structures
sg1 UP GP38 (1981) Locomotives
Magicland PRR F7B DGLE Locomotives
Magicland PRR F7A DGLE Locomotives
Magicland PRR_2 Rolling Stock
Magicland CNJ P70 Coach Locomotives
austin316hockey austin_barn_silo_1 Buildings / Structures
Blue United Dairies Rolling Stock
vulcan Road Barrier Buildings / Structures
glt0145 BEZY Container Wagon 4 Rolling Stock
glt0145 BEZY Container Wagon 3 Rolling Stock
glt0145 Blue Line 5000 Locomotives
majekear 40ft Boxcar Sabine River & Northern 3805 Rolling Stock
vulcan Container Crane3 Buildings / Structures
tolaris Acela Express First Class Coach cab Miscellaneous
tolaris Acela Express First Class Coach door Miscellaneous
tolaris Acela Express, First Class Coach Rolling Stock
OverlordNZ OCRAIPassenger Scenarios
OverlordNZ OCRAIPassenger Layouts
Knoxx Amtrak_106b_f7b Locomotives
Knoxx Amtrak_106_f7 Locomotives
tafweb Market_Hall_1942 Buildings / Structures
tafweb Shop_12_1942 Buildings / Structures
Johnda1237 Maine Winter Layouts
Mike10 MB_NG_Track_1m_opacity Track
Mike10 MB_NG_Track_1m Track
Mike10 MB_NG_Track_2_opacity Track
Mike10 MB_NG_Track_2 Track
Mike10 MB_NG_Track_3-6_opacity Track
Mike10 MB_NG_Track_3-6 Track
Mike10 MB_NG_Track_2-6_opacity Track
Mike10 MB_NG_Track_2-6 Track
Mike10 MB_NG_Track_3_opacity Track
Mike10 MB_NG_Track_3 Track
sg1 BN SD40-2 (6747) Locomotives
sg1 BN SDP40 (6397) Locomotives
sg1 BN SDP40 (6399) Locomotives
Barry Many Isles Sail Layouts
java23 TIV140Mat Trackside Accessories
java23 TIV130+ZMat Trackside Accessories
java23 TIV130Mat Trackside Accessories
whitepass wpy92 Locomotives
whitepass wpy_bogey Rolling Stock
java23 TIV140+ZMat Trackside Accessories
java23 TIV110+ZMat Trackside Accessories
java23 TIV120Mat Trackside Accessories
java23 TIV110Mat Trackside Accessories
java23 TIV100+ZMat Trackside Accessories
java23 TIV100Mat Trackside Accessories
java23 TIV120+ZMat Trackside Accessories
austin316hockey austin_old_barn Buildings / Structures
whitepass 3rail_track Track
whitepass WPY baggage car Rolling Stock
whitepass wpyPass_bogey Rolling Stock
Blue Banana Van Rolling Stock
narrowgauge 36 in Gauge Climax Locomotives
narrowgauge 36 in gauge Climax Drive Bogie Rolling Stock
narrowgauge Climax Miscellaneous
narrowgauge Climax 36 Miscellaneous
narrowgauge Climax 36 Whistle Miscellaneous
narrowgauge Climax Steam Driver Unit Bogie Rolling Stock
nkpellegrino GP38 CSS&SB 2001 Locomotives
nkpellegrino GP38 IC 9527 Locomotives
nkpellegrino GP38 GM&O 709 Locomotives
nkpellegrino Cab NKP 451 Rolling Stock
nkpellegrino GP38 CSS 2007 Locomotives
nkpellegrino GP38 GWER 2000 Locomotives
vulcan Timber Bridge Track
vulcan Timber Bridge Narrow Track
Ridge_Runner Erie Lackawanna GP38 Locomotives
vulcan Ferrymodern Buildings / Structures
tafweb Factory_6_1942 Buildings / Structures
whitepass wabash Rolling Stock
^MuYa^ Penn Central F7B #3471 Locomotives
^MuYa^ Penn Central F7B #3466 Locomotives
^MuYa^ Penn Central F7A #1762 Locomotives
^MuYa^ Penn Central F7A #1707 Locomotives
dgallina Boston & Maine S4 #1269 Locomotives
^MuYa^ Conrail F7B #1792B Locomotives
^MuYa^ Conrail F7B #1648B Locomotives
^MuYa^ Conrail F7A #1792 Locomotives
^MuYa^ Conrail F7A #1648 Locomotives
Blue NCB 5 Plank Wagon with coal load Rolling Stock
Blue Mogo 12T Van Rolling Stock
Blue Pounsbery Rolling Stock
Blue WOOD 5 Plank Wagon with coal load Rolling Stock
Johnda1237 Rio Grande Caboose 04123 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar Norfolk Southern 453533 Rolling Stock
vulcan Car Ferry Buildings / Structures
psycho_aussie bus_hb2 Vehicles
psycho_aussie bus_hb Vehicles
psycho_aussie QR 2100 Class (Blue) Locomotives
majekear 50ft Boxcar MILWAUKEE 4242 Rolling Stock
Blue TWININGS Rolling Stock
Blue Highley 5 Plank Wagon Rolling Stock
Blue Gunpowder 12T Van Rolling Stock
Blue Bass 5 Plank Wagon Rolling Stock
Blue 12T Fish Van Rolling Stock
dgallina Maine Central S4 #311 Locomotives
dgallina Alco S2 / S4 Cab Miscellaneous
dgallina Alco S2 / S4 Bogey Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar MNS PLY-PAK 909 Rolling Stock
vulcan Tower Crane Buildings / Structures
majekear 50ft Boxcar McCloud River RR Co 6424 Rolling Stock
Ridge_Runner Lehigh Valley GP38 Locomotives
majekear 50ft Boxcar Maine Central 35023 Rolling Stock
vulcan Selferecting Tower Crane Buildings / Structures
vulcan Container Crane Buildings / Structures
Sandman2 SOO 2221B Locomotives
vulcan Liebherr Mobile Crane Buildings / Structures
vulcan Dock Crane Buildings / Structures
Sandman2 SOO 2220A FA1 Alco Locomotives
sirgibby NZ House 2-3 Buildings / Structures

The Download Station current hit parade of top five all time downloads are:
1. Sagatukett
[Downloaded: 2957]
2. New River Rail
[Downloaded: 2801]
3. SAR Passenger Station 2 Tracks
[Downloaded: 1892]
4. Razorback Railway
[Downloaded: 1720]
5. HotRod
[Downloaded: 1628]

This Week's Top Five Downloads
1. Maine Winter
[Downloaded: 220]
2. Acela Express, First Class Coach
[Downloaded: 209]
3. Acela Express First Class Coach cab
[Downloaded: 206]
4. austin_old_barn
[Downloaded: 202]
5. Acela Express First Class Coach door
[Downloaded: 186]

The Current Top 5 Uploaderz are:
1. majekear 355
2. gjvh 97
3. OverlordNZ 66
4. psycho_aussie 53
5. tafweb 52

The Trainz forum waffle thread of the week has to go to "What Should Auran Do for Christmas" started by Drucifer. On the topic of waffling, I know a few of you thought that I'd forgotten, taken my eye off the ball and overlooked the 'Great Waffle Outbreak' from a few weeks back. I remember, and therefore the following wafflers receive the 'Red Card' and a post deduction of 50 ( JoshEH, tom-sa, Boweavel, Gazza, Spooney, boxcar, Barney, jkeenan, Boco, Chris_C, Skogen, hashiriya and aradlaw ) for their contributions to the infamous thread. And just because I feel like it, Badtrash receives a deduction of 100 posts ;)

Until next week .......



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