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29th May 2002

Hi everyone,

Last week's Trainz Community website in the spotlight, MaxTrainz, went down from the attention it received with all of your hits. The upshot of all this is that young Max is on the move; you will find the new MaxTrainz at Thanks Hextrasher for helping Max with the hosting of his website.

Also, in last week's Express I mentioned the Trainz chat, a hangout for many of the Trainz Community regulars. You may also like to check out Stoffe's Trainz Chat Statistics page.

This week's website in the spotlight is CroTrainz run by the much luved and respected sinister fat controller himself, Barney (patent owner of drool mops and many other Trainzisims). CroTrainz has been a great support center for all things Trainz and train simming in general. For news about the train sim scene you really cannot go past CroTrainz. Just watch your step on the forums or you may find yourself written up in the Fat Controllers little black book.

If you would like your Trainz website to be featured in a future Community Express please email the details through to me at

In this week's Download Station report you will see that we have received over 80 new uploads (including a few updates), thanks for the contributions!

Here's an idea of what's currently available from Download Station:
Buildings / Structures 88
Layouts 61
Locomotives 89
Miscellaneous 14
Road 15
Rolling Stock 154
Textures 7
Track 5
Trackside Accessories 21
Vehicles 9

This Week's New Uploads Include:
tony-meredith VFNarrowboat01-LocoVersion Locomotives
Hextrasher Class 43 HST Hentis Rail Locomotives
Hextrasher Class 43 HST GNER Locomotives
Hextrasher Class 43 HST Virgin Trains Locomotives
Valkyrie Tiffany AZ Mine Layouts
JezyG Mainline UK2 Layouts
OverlordNZ OCR-Switchmans House Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ OCR- Diesel Shed - 2 Stall Buildings / Structures
majekear 50ft Boxcar Port St Joe 7000 Rolling Stock
Sandman2 CP 1900 F7B Locomotives
Sandman2 CP 1400 F7A Locomotives
captit 6 PACK 2 for PAINT SHED Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar McCloud River 6424 Rolling Stock
OverlordNZ OCR-Modern_Diesel_Shed-Single Buildings / Structures
Hextrasher Class 43 HST Midland Mainline Locomotives
majekear 50ft AN Port St Joe 5222 Rolling Stock
Sandman2 CP 7405 SW7 Locomotives
Sandman2 CP 7401 SW7 Locomotives
Sandman2 CP 7400 SW7 Locomotives
vulcan Self Erecting Crane Buildings / Structures
MadBirdCZ Billboard Sign Miscellaneous
Hextrasher OSE A410 Locomotives
OverlordNZ Scaler Tool Miscellaneous
majekear 40ft Boxcar SAL Comet 24455 Rolling Stock
majekear Arcadia&Attica 50ft Boxcar 505 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar SSW 49595 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Reefer Robin Hood Beer Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Reefer Hamms 31223 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar ATSF 48218 Rolling Stock
Hextrasher Class 55 Porterbrook Locomotives
majekear Central Georgia Boxcar 7077 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar L&A Southern Belle Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar Kansas C. S.750525 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar ATSF 146288 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Seaboard Comet 24892 Rolling Stock
lightrail Heartbeat Line Layouts
majekear 40ft Boxcar Erie Lackawanna EL Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Reefer Dubuque 35438 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar Great N 12500 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Reefer Western Fruit 8888 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft CSXT Big Blue 151343 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Boston&Maine 3373 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Route Rock 300888 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar Chicago & NW 80618 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft New Hope & Ivyland 1511 Rolling Stock
captit 6 PACK 4 PAINT SHED Rolling Stock
OverlordNZ OCR-Diesel-Fueling-Station Trackside Accessories
ericzadro Long Shed Buildings / Structures
tafweb Signal Gantry and Signal Trackside Accessories
tafweb War Memorial Buildings / Structures
tafweb Shop - Body Shop Buildings / Structures
tafweb Factory - Senol Printing Buildings / Structures
tafweb Factory - Sutton Scaffold Buildings / Structures
GaryP Scotts Double Tanker Rolling Stock
Input DSB MY 1101 - 1.11 Locomotives
captit ACMU Flat car with Lumber Rolling Stock
captit C&N 50 ft box tagged by vandel Rolling Stock
captit Oxnard Harbor Reefer car Rolling Stock
captit Union Pacific 54 ft hopper Rolling Stock
captit S and P 1959 wooden box car Rolling Stock
tafweb Factory - Hatfield Buildings / Structures
tafweb Factory - Ringhart Group Buildings / Structures
tafweb Suburban House 3 Buildings / Structures
vulcan Dock Crane Buildings / Structures
dreddman 1313ROOMASTER Locomotives
majekear 50ft Boxcar B&M 78168 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar DL&W Phoebe Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar MP 366766 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Wood Boxcar LIRR 4055 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft AN Boxcar Port St Joe Rte Rolling Stock
Mikado GP38-2 D&H 7317 Locomotives
tafweb School Buildings / Structures
tafweb Police Station Buildings / Structures
tafweb Suburban Terrace Buildings / Structures
Blackace Volvo Flatbed Truck Vehicles
Driver89 CP Boxcars Rolling Stock
Driver89 Canadian Pacific SD40-2 Locomotives
Driver89 Canada Grain Hopper Rolling Stock
Driver89 CP Grain Hopper Rolling Stock
Bloodnok BR Class 50 Large Logo Blue Locomotives
Driver89 Canadian Pacific GP38 Locomotives
Blackace Scania Flatbed Truck Vehicles
Blackace Containers_1 Buildings / Structures
Blackace Overhead bridge crane Buildings / Structures
captit Nine Pack 4 Paint Shed Rolling Stock
Mikado GP38-2 IC 9628 Locomotives
Mikado GP38-2 ICG 9600 Locomotives

The Download Station current hit parade of top five downloads are:
1. Sagatukett
[Downloaded: 2342]
2. New River Rail
[Downloaded: 2106]
3. SAR Passenger Station 2 Tracks
[Downloaded: 1447]
4. Rail Ale
[Downloaded: 1441]
5. SAR Passenger Station 3 Tracks
[Downloaded: 1300]

The Current Top 5 Uploaderz are:
1. gjvh 41
2. tafweb 30
3. majekear 29
4. tony-meredith 16
5. captit 15

On the topic of third-party content, creators might like to take a look at the following post to the forum; a reminder of the distribution guidelines for third-party content.

My Trainz waffle thread of the week features some great lines from the one and only 3801. How can you go past "Because the last time I checked, God wasn't doing any custom content for Trainz." The thread started with an innocent question, What does the Auran logo mean? and why are there no real stars in Trainz? and waffled on from there ;)

Check back for more Community Express next week.

John Banks

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