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Hi everyone,

For those that don't know, John Banks is taking some time off to finish his studies, and I have stepped into the role of forum moderator and community support here at Auran. Many of you already know me as I have been a forum and chat regular since before Trainz 1.0 was released, and I hope you'll forgive me for changing sides, as it were. :)

Keeping in tone with this week's UTC screenshots, I have some 3rd party European Content websites for you. These guys do great work and anyone with an interest in European railways (and probably everyone else too) should drop by and see what they have to offer: While you're visiting these sites, you'll probably come across John King's Trainz Webring which is rapidly apporaching 100 web sites all devoted to Trainz. For those who are interested in joining the webring, we have a webring logo at the bottom of this page which you can use, and there is also a fan site pack containing banners and logos.

I wasn't planning to do a Waffle of the Week, but there's one thread on the forums that definitely deserves a mention. Who's Staying? by nkpellegrino is a wonderful example of how great the Trainz community is. There's some interesting 3rd party content hidden away in there too.

Well that's my first Community Express. :) Until next week, I'll see you all on the forums and in the chat.

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