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5th June 2002

Hi everyone,

Over the last few weeks we have raised the plan to involve community members in moving Trainz into the model and hobby market. This would involve, for example, promoting and demonstrating Trainz at model rail club events and model rail exhibitions. The response to this initiative has been overwhelming, thanks guys! Ieuan and myself are currently working on finalising plans to support your efforts and will be in touch with further details soon. In the meantime, we would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know details of the events at which you are interested in participating (type of event, date, where to be held, anticipated number of attendees, etc.). If you also know of any events coming up in your area at which it would be suitable to promote Trainz please let us know. Just email the details through to me at

A regular feature of Community Express will include a list of events at which Trainz will be promoted, including the community members who will be participating. More on this exciting initiative soon.

This week's website in the spotlight is Magic's Trainz Fan Forum, a German language site with extensive forum support. If you happen to be a German speaking Trainz fan, check it out. If you would like your Trainz website to be featured in a future Community Express please email the details through to me at

A new feature for Community Express is screenshot of the week. This week the screenshots are contributed by landrvr and feature his excellent Zephyr and Pennsy Shark with the GG1. The Sharks' are hauling some centerbeam cars created by realsquash and the featured layout is CeeBee's Highland Valley. You never know, landrvr's Zephyr may turn up with Service Pack 3 ;) If you have screenshots of your layouts or models that you would like to be considered please send them in.

Here's the week's Download Station report:

Currently available from Download Station:
Buildings / Structures 100
Layouts 63
Locomotives 104
Miscellaneous 23
Road 15
Rolling Stock 161
Textures 7
Track 5
Trackside Accessories 22
Vehicles 13

This Week's New Uploads Include:
Jonny211 Oakwood Station Pack 01 Layouts
OverlordNZ OCR 200ft Freight Warehouse Buildings / Structures
sg1 DRGW SD40 Locomotives
sg1 UP GP38-2 Locomotives
kondrup The Country Layouts
majekear 50ft Boxcar GVSR 136244 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Port St Joe 7000 Rolling Stock
JezyG Inter City UK Layouts
vhm3 Bulgarian State Railway Layouts
Mikado GP38-2 LLP 2501 Locomotives
Mikado GP38-2 SCL 547 Locomotives
Mikado GP38-2 CNW 4613 Locomotives
Hextrasher FS ADP Doubledecker Pack Rolling Stock
OverlordNZ OCR 50 foot Freight Platform Buildings / Structures
tony-meredith VFUK-Hangar01 Buildings / Structures
Agentorange Newspaper Boxes Miscellaneous
jclinton Gulf Tanker 1940_60_era Rolling Stock
Agentorange Rocks1 Miscellaneous
Agentorange Wooden Crate2 Miscellaneous
Agentorange Wooden Crate1 Miscellaneous
Agentorange Metal Drum Miscellaneous
Agentorange Old Pallet Miscellaneous
Agentorange New Pallet Miscellaneous
Agentorange Water Tower Miscellaneous
Agentorange Football Field Miscellaneous
jetstreamsky Angleland Layouts
PKB Shamrock Grove Layouts
Stuz South West RR Layouts
tafweb Station_1942_4 Buildings / Structures
tafweb London Transport Bus Class M Vehicles
tafweb London Bus Class MM Vehicles
tafweb London Bus Class VA Vehicles
tafweb Suburban House 4 Buildings / Structures
RailroadKing 50ft McDonaldsRefrigeratedBox Rolling Stock
RailroadKing Reefer Boxcars 9 Pack! Rolling Stock
RailroadKing Pringles and Kelloggs Reefers Rolling Stock
RailroadKing 40ft Jimmy Dean Reefer Rolling Stock
RailroadKing Coca Cola Tanker Rolling Stock
RailroadKing Gulf Tanker Rolling Stock
Blackace Scania Oil Tanker Vehicles
Blackace Oil Refinery Filling Station Buildings / Structures
Blackace Oil Refinery Tower 2 Buildings / Structures
Blackace Oil Refinery Tower 1 Buildings / Structures
Blackace Oil Refinery Tank 2 Buildings / Structures
Blackace Oil Refinery Tank 1 Buildings / Structures
OverlordNZ Modern Diesel Shed - 5 Stall Buildings / Structures
majekear 60ft Reefer SPFE 459963 Rolling Stock
Jonny211 Oakwood DMU Shed Buildings / Structures
tolaris 4-track PRR Catenary Trackside Accessories
JoshEH GP7 Kansas City Southern Locomotives
tolaris Acela Express Power Cars Locomotives
majekear Centerflow Hopper ACFX 56676 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar Railbox 8598 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Union Pac 172383 Rolling Stock
GaryP Coil Car - Doubled Covered Rolling Stock
bnsfjim Wrecked GP38 Locomotives
JediMan SW7 New Haven 650 v1.1 Locomotives
JediMan SW7 Erie Lakawanna 37 Locomotives
JediMan SW7 C&NW 129 v1.1 Locomotives
JediMan SW7 Bangor & Aroostook 33 v1.1 Locomotives
JediMan GP38 Reading Lines 5500 v1.1 Locomotives
JediMan GP38 Reading Lines 3640 v1.1 Locomotives
majekear 50ft Boxcar Railbox 39173 Rolling Stock
JediMan GP38 Great Northern Locomotives
JediMan GP38 Erie Lakawanna Locomotives
JediMan Gondola Erie Lakawanna Rolling Stock
JediMan Covered Hopper Erie Lakawanna Rolling Stock
JediMan 40ft Erie Lackawanna boxcar Rolling Stock

The Download Station current hit parade of top five downloads are:
1. Sagatukett
[Downloaded: 2402]
2. New River Rail
[Downloaded: 2180]
3. SAR Passenger Station 2 Tracks
[Downloaded: 1507]
4. Rail Ale
[Downloaded: 1453]
5. SAR Passenger Station 3 Tracks
[Downloaded: 1351]

The Current Top 5 Uploaderz are:
1. gjvh 41
2. tafweb 35
3. majekear 35
4. tony-meredith 17
5. Drucifer 14

My Trainz waffle thread of the week is "on the Pronunciation of Auran"; it features a fine contribution from our very own all round marketing guy, Ieuan Hyde. Check this out for a quality waffle "First, it is important to understand the subtle differences in the words "awe", "oar", "or" and "ore". Now, assuming that Auran is implicitly awesome (which we are) we can remove the necessity for "awe". There can be no substitute for Auran, so "or" is out as well, which leaves us with "oar" and "ore". People use an "oar" when they intend to paddle...Naturally, we prefer to swim, so "oar" goes". And that is just a preliminary point in Ieuan's thesis on the correct pronunciation of Auran.

However, the thread of the week must go to Greg Lane's announcement of Service Pack 3 details, it has received over 9500 views and resulted in the forum having the most ever users on (116).

Stay tuned for more Community Express next week :)

John Banks

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