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22nd May 2002

Hi everyone,

The Trainz Community website in the spotlight this week is young Monsieur Max's Max Trainz. Max's site includes regular updates on the progress of his layout, Saguenay Railway. The Creationz page is a new addition to the site in which Max regularly discusses Trainz works in progress, including the creations of other community members. For example, Landrvr's work on Baldwin RF-16 "Shark" is currently featured. You can also regularly catch up with the legendary Monsieur Max on the Trainz chat channel. To join the chat click on the "chat" link found on the Trainz website main menu. Alternatively, join our IRC Server by using an IRC client such as mIRC. Here's the details for joining the Auran Server:

Port: 6667
Channel: #Trainz

To join the #Trainz channel type /join #Trainz into your client.

If you are logging into the chat with your Planet Auran username then you will need to identify yourself to the server. To do this please type:

/identify [username] [password]

(obviously username will be your Planet Auran username details, followed by your password). For example "/identify Joe_Blogs xw3345" We look forward to seeing you on the Trainz Chat, it is worth dropping in just to observe the antics of regulars such as Boweavel, Rebes, JoshEH, Badtrash, prr, realsquash, X995, Agentorange, UnNerved, Landrvr, Boco, Andy_N, Beanpole, Stoffe, Muya, tom-sa and Pikkabird to mention just a few. You never know, you may even run into the Fat Controller ;) But more seriously the guys on the chat are a very helpful bunch and are more than happy to assist new comers with Trainz tips etc. Thanks Guys!

New Trainz websites this week include Emdec's The Trainz Layout Registry and Seacar's The Railroad Paint House.

SeaCar comments on the Railroad Paint House:

"I host Railroad Paint Shop which I created to fill the little niche of providing railroad colors to people who wanted to have more of a standard color for their locos and rolling stock. I get colors from numerous resources on the net including railroad historical societies, rr webpages and pictures. I feel that so far the colors there are a good representation of being 'prototypical' but they do not obviously include such weathering affects as fading, bleaching, and streaking, which can give any loco a completely different shade than another. I try to encourage submissions from anyone who has their favorite railroad colors so that I can put them up for the benefit of everyone and would like to include more 'international' colors. I have only recently added Queensland Rail of Oz and hope to have more as time goes on. I think this can be a valuable resource to anyone painting their own equipment and possibly help to make colors for certain railroads have some semblance of standardization (but on the other hand, the joy of Trainzing is the variety, so to each his own)".

If you would like your Trainz website to be featured in a future Community Express please email the details through to me at

And now for this week's Download Station report:

Here's an idea of what's currently available from Download Station:
Buildings / Structures 70
Layouts 60
Locomotives 80
Miscellaneous 12
Road 15
Rolling Stock 114
Textures 7
Track 5
Trackside Accessories 19
Vehicles 7

This Week's New Uploads Include:
David Johnson (Crazy) UK Yellow Mileposts Trackside Accessories
Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901) Narrow Gauge Stock car Rolling Stock
Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901) Narrow Gauge Sleeper car Rolling Stock
Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901) Narrow Gauge Section car Rolling Stock
Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901) Narrow Gauge Refrigerator Car Rolling Stock
Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901) Narrow Gauge Gondola with load Rolling Stock
Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901) Narrow Gauge Gondola Rolling Stock
Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901) Narrow Gauge Flatcar Rolling Stock
Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901) Narrow Gauge Caboose Rolling Stock
Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901) Narrow Gauge Bunk car Rolling Stock
Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901) Narrow Gauge Boxcar Rolling Stock
Jeremy Hardwick-Green (JezyG) Mainline UK2 Layouts
Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901) Baldwin C21 361 Locomotives
Todd Hohlenkamp (Prowler901) Baldwin C21 360 Locomotives
Steve Dark (sdark) InterCity Mk 1 Coaches Rolling Stock
Steve Dark (sdark) InterCity Charter Mk1 Coaches Rolling Stock
Rene N. Steinkamp (majekear) Gondola NYC 170420 Rolling Stock
Smooz Smooz (smooz) RainierTower_2300_26002 Buildings / Structures
Mats Strid (emges) SJ class Ds Locomotives
Mattijs Tieleman (Hextrasher) NS Frico Rolling Stock
tony meredith (tony-meredith) VFUK-Narrowboat01 Buildings / Structures
tony meredith (tony-meredith) VFUK-TexturePack01.1 Textures
tony meredith (tony-meredith) VFUK CanalPack01 Buildings / Structures
James Moody (Bloodnok) BR Mk3 InterCity Swallow Rolling Stock
Chris Hucklebridge (psycho_aussie) Hornibrook Bus Reskins Vehicles
David Dallaston (PikkaBird) BR Class 87 Locomotives
James Wilkie (tongues) Yuba County Layouts
Steve Dark (sdark) Maroon MK1 Coaches Rolling Stock
Steve Dark (sdark) Green Mk1 Coaches Rolling Stock
Steve Dark (sdark) Chocolate & Cream Mk1 Coaches Rolling Stock
Steve Dark (sdark) Crimson & Cream Mk1 Coaches Rolling Stock
Steve Dark (sdark) BR Blue & Grey Mk1 Coaches Rolling Stock
Derek Scott (Daemondex) Pipe pack Trackside Accessories
Derek Scott (Daemondex) Storage tanks Trackside Accessories
Derek Scott (Daemondex) Pump house Trackside Accessories
Derek Scott (Daemondex) Diesel fuel point Trackside Accessories
Ray Stevens (Wiley4) Southern Cross Locomotives
mark jackson (dreddman) ozpubcrawler Rolling Stock
Tom Nilsson (Mikado) GP38-2 CSX 2792 Locomotives
Tom Nilsson (Mikado) GP38-2 Yadkin Valley RR 3917 Locomotives
Tom Nilsson (Mikado) GP38-2 Lehigh Valley 311 Locomotives
Tom Nilsson (Mikado) GP38 Chicago Central RR 2003 Locomotives
Ian Manion (vulcan) TowerCrane2 Pack Buildings / Structures
tony meredith (tony-meredith) VFUK-ConcreteBridge01 Road
Josh EH (JoshEH) Cowstanding 01 Miscellaneous
Greg Baker (gregbaker) NZR Da Locomotive Locomotives
Greg Baker (gregbaker) NZGClass_Wagon Rolling Stock
Jack Straessle (jjslll54) Various Ballast Textures
Eric Zadro (ericzadro) 1967 Mini Coopers Vehicles
B T (badtrash) WSOR Rolling Stock
Terry Franks (tafweb) Co-op Bank Buildings / Structures
Terry Franks (tafweb) Beam Bridge Buildings / Structures
Terry Franks (tafweb) Barclays Bank Buildings / Structures
Ian Manion (vulcan) TowerCrane Buildings / Structures
George H. (JediMan) SW7 New Haven 650 Locomotives
George H. (JediMan) SW7 Chicago & Northwestern 129 Locomotives
George H. (JediMan) GP38 Reading Lines 5500 Locomotives
David Dallaston (PikkaBird) BR Class 24 and 25 Locomotives
George H. (JediMan) SW7 Bangor Aroostook 33 Locomotives
George H. (JediMan) GP38 Reading Lines 3640 Locomotives
George H. (JediMan) GP38 Great Northern 2500 Locomotives
George H. (JediMan) GP38 Erie-Lakawanna 2551 Locomotives
David Dallaston (PikkaBird) BR Class 42 Warships Locomotives
Jørgen Brandsborg (yojimbo) 8m Wagenwende Trackside Accessories
Mattijs Tieleman (Hextrasher) NS Plan E Pack 1950s Rolling Stock
Tom Nilsson (Mikado) GP38-2_AC_3802 Locomotives

The Download Station current hit parade of top five downloads are:
1. Sagatukett
[Downloaded: 2282]
2. New River Rail
[Downloaded: 2034]
3. Rail Ale
[Downloaded: 1424]
4. SAR Passenger Station 2 Tracks
[Downloaded: 1404]
5. SAR Passenger Station 3 Tracks
[Downloaded: 1267]

The Current Top 5 Uploaderz are:
1. gjvh 41
2. tafweb 19
3. tony-meredith 15
4. Drucifer 14
5. Prowler901 12

Don't forget, the entry deadline for the TrainzLink Competition is today, so make sure that you get your entries in to Uncle Rob Shaw.

Finally, my Trainz forum waffle thread of the week. I arrived to work on Monday to discover a rather massive outbreak of waffling in the "Drumming up Support" thread. The outcome involved issuing yellow waffle cards to CeeBee, X995, Boweavel, ChileanLlama, Barney (yes the fat controller) and D9002. The scale of the outbreak also warranted red cards being imposed on JoshEH and 3801, with the associated penalty of each having 50 posts deducted from their forum count. With the outbreak put down I was then able to move on to more important matters ;). If you are a Trainz content creator or even interested in uploading your layouts to Download Station you may like to take a look at Greg Lane's clarifying post on the issue of KUIDs.

Check back next week for more Trainz Community Express!


John Banks :)

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