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Hi everyone,

Well this is my final edition of Community Express for awhile as I leave Auran this coming Friday for a week's holiday before taking up my new position. What can I say? It has been fun and I would like to thank everyone at Auran, particularly the Online Services Team and the Brew Crew for making my position at Auran as Community Development Manager so successful and enjoyable. The scale of Auran's participation and collaboration with the Trainz community just would not be possible for a development company of this size without the support, encouragement and enthusiasm of many people here at Auran. The very fact that Auran even has such a position is a testament to Greg Lane and Tony Hilliam's vision and awareness for the importance of developing close relationships with fan communities. But my biggest thanks goes to the many members of the Trainz community who have contributed their energy, passion, enthusiasm, ideas, forum posts and content. Without your participation there obviously would not be a community in the first place. This is your community and it will continue to grow over the coming months and years. The future looks bright for Trainz with the recent UK release and the forthcoming Ultimate Trainz Collection. I also know many other secret (tm)s that strongly suggest Trainz will be a huge success. But I'm not telling :) Stay tuned for more exciting developments over the coming months.

I will still be around, regularly participating in the community as a moderator and acting as a consultant/advisor to Auran on Community related matters. So feel free to drop me an email at should you ever have any comment, questions or suggestions for the Trainz Community. I will no doubt see many of you in the chat or the forum.

In Community news this week Realsquash (Andy) is "proud to announce that is open for business! We have a few things up for sale and have some big plans for the future. We will be creating anything and everything for Trainz, including structures, rolling stock, locomotives, etc. We would like to invite everyone to come to the DR and participate in the forums and download the demo AC4400. We will continue to produce and support freeware as well as our payware release. The URL to the site is obviously Thanks, Andy" Great work guys at the DigitalRoundhouse, it is fantastic to see the third-party community growing and we wish you every success with your venture.

Chris Caswell, one of the regulars in the Trainz chat also contributed the following:

Struggle along 157 miles of single-track mainline though arguably the most beautiful scenery in the world. Travel though the ends of the earth... Valleys only a hand full of people have ever trekked... past tranquil streams and raging torrents... along sheer cliffs hundreds of feet high. Though it's no walk in the park you have the equipment to get you through this, a fleet of modern GE diesels built for the job.

The First climb begins only 4 miles from the North Vancouver yard, it's a simple 1.0% grade to the mile long tunnel perched 800' above Horseshoe Bay. Soon after, as you roll downgrade towards sea level, you will pass the main ferry terminal to Vancouver Island, a major hub in Southern BC. You will pass fancy homes, campgrounds, an abandoned copper mine, a world class golf course, and many other interesting trackside attractions as you curve around the coves and peninsulas along Northern Howe Sound and into Squamish. The Squamish Yard heads straight inland from Howe Sound, the last time you will be even close to sea level.

Continuing north out of the yard only 10 miles is the siding of Cheakamus. It lies at the bottom of a 24 mile climb at an almost constant gradient of 2.2%. This brings the line up to an elevation of 2100' and the world class resort town of Whistler BC.

The alpine rivers start to flow north now as you pass over this plateau and towards a 14 mile long decent at 2.0% into the small town of Pemberton... almost a gateway to nowhere in a sense. It's easy going for the next 4 miles into the village of Evans BC, which lies at the foot of another 13 mile climb that averages out to around 2.0%. Now sitting at 1600' it's time to descend down a 9 mile 1.9% grade to the village of D'Arcy.

The remaining 20 miles into Lilloet are corner after corner along a lakeside shelf only about 15' wide. Rockslides here have resulted in many trains derailing into Seton Lake.

This breathtaking route is about to begin construction for both Auran Trainz and MSTS, if you would like to learn more about the project please stop by our community at Sounds like an excellent project Chris, good luck with it. We look forward to seeing it up and running in the future.

This week's Screenshotz provide a sneak peek preview of Ultimate Trainz Collection. For your viewing pleasure:

On to this Week's Download Station Report:

Currently available from Download Station:
Animals 1
Buildings / Structures 553
Layouts 148
Locomotives 620
Miscellaneous 116
Road 73
Rolling Stock 1223
Scenarios 6
Terrain Features 49
Textures 128
Track 153
Trackside Accessories 165
Vehicles 31

This Week's New Uploads Include:
Sandman2 Canadian Pacific(CP4016) FA1 Locomotives
Sandman2 Canadian Pacific (CP4025) FA1 Locomotives
Sandman2 Canadian Pacific(CP4008) FA1 Locomotives
Rob4Rails R4Rfiretree2NoSmoke Terrain Features
Rob4Rails R4Rfiretree1NoSmoke Terrain Features
Rob4Rails R4Rfiretree2 Terrain Features
Rob4Rails R4Rfiretree1 Terrain Features
Rob4Rails R4Rfir1_27m Terrain Features
Rob4Rails R4Rfir1_18m Terrain Features
Rob4Rails R4Rburnttree2 Terrain Features
Rob4Rails R4Rburnttree1 Terrain Features
Rob4Rails R4Rfireground Textures
Rob4Rails R4Rburntground Textures
yojimbo Reiterstellwerk Buildings / Structures
CAB LOCOArt512 Layouts
majekear 40ft Boxcar RailBox 17033 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar Texas&Pacific 63374 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar Bangor & Aroostook 4088 Rolling Stock
Rob4Rails R4Rsnowfir1_2m Terrain Features
Rob4Rails R4Rsnowfir2_2m Terrain Features
Rob4Rails winterhouse2 Buildings / Structures
majekear 40ft Boxcar Boston&Maine Milk 1919 Rolling Stock
Davz77 “Vigna” Terrain Features
Johnda1237 United Central Caboose 92202 Rolling Stock
Johnda1237 United Central SW7 Locomotives
Johnda1237 United Central SD40 Locomotives
Johnda1237 United Central GP38 Locomotives
Johnda1237 United Central F7B Locomotives
Johnda1237 United Central F7A Locomotives
Davz77 Balla Terrain Features
Bossman KB_harley8 Buildings / Structures
Bossman KB_harley7 Buildings / Structures
Bossman KB_harley6 Buildings / Structures
Bossman KB_harley5 Buildings / Structures
Bossman KB_harley4 Buildings / Structures
Bossman KB_harley3 Buildings / Structures
Bossman KB_harley2 Buildings / Structures
Bossman KB_harley1 Buildings / Structures
Bossman KB_harley club Buildings / Structures
Bossman KB_happy worker Buildings / Structures
Bossman KB_handsaw Buildings / Structures
Bossman KB_hammer Buildings / Structures
PikkaBird NSW SRA 47 Class Candy Locomotives
majekear 50ft Boxcar Great Northern 6383 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar Erie 86768 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Reefer Coop Creamies 1088 Rolling Stock
majekear 50ft Boxcar Boston & Maine 76303 Rolling Stock
majekear 60ft Reefer Pacific Fruit Express Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Reefer Atlantic Coast Lines 66080 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Reefer St. Louis Refrigerator 2188 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar Great Northern 11095 Rolling Stock
rorosat “Cap” Buildings / Structures
Hentis P&O Nedlloyd Containers With Graff Rolling Stock
Hentis FreightLiner Container Rolling Stock
Hentis P&O Nedlloyd 3 Containers no Graff Rolling Stock
Hentis Freightliner no Graffiti Contaners.... Rolling Stock
Hentis GReen Freightliner Containers Rolling Stock
wgkandsk NYC_Freight_Station_HPC Buildings / Structures
jjslll54 DRGW NG Layouts
wgkandsk Telltail Buildings / Structures
ChrisCurren D&H Caboose #35667 Rolling Stock
Waltera “Circus Big Top” Buildings / Structures
lrv3400 TYPE6 MBTA Rehab B Rolling Stock
lrv3400 TYPE6 MBTA Rehab A Rolling Stock
lrv3400 TYPE6 MBTA B Rolling Stock
lrv3400 TYPE6 MBTA A Rolling Stock
lrv3400 LRV MUNI B Rolling Stock
lrv3400 LRV MUNI A Rolling Stock
lrv3400 Type 6 Pantograph Miscellaneous
lrv3400 Type 6 Articulated Joint Rolling Stock
lrv3400 Type 6 Articulated Joint Rolling Stock
lrv3400 PCC Bogey Rolling Stock
majekear Hy-cubeBoxcar 40ft IC 15468 Rolling Stock
majekear 40ft Boxcar SOO Line 137773 Rolling Stock
prjindigo WAGR L Class without dynamics Locomotives
prjindigo WAGR L Class Locomotives
prjindigo WAGR L Class EMD intakes Locomotives
whitepass NGturntable_track Track
whitepass NG_turntable Buildings / Structures
tomtre SouthLines3C Layouts
hfmurphy F7 A L&N 817 Locomotives
hfmurphy F7B L&N 818 Locomotives
hfmurphy F7B L&N 809 Locomotives
hfmurphy F7A L&N 808 Locomotives
eldwane Billeterie Régionale Buildings / Structures
rorosat Landeschutzen Layouts
asandor bnsf-bethgon_f Rolling Stock
asandor bnsf-bethgon Rolling Stock
eldwane Simple Rails Track
eldwane French Brigde (stone&Metal) Track
John_SB FC4480 Locomotives
John_SB SRA4490 Locomotives
Magicland Amfleet II Cafe Phase IV Locomotives
Magicland Amfleet II Coach Phase IV Locomotives
Magicland Amfleet II Cafe Locomotives
Magicland Amfleet II Coach Locomotives
Magicland Pioneer Rolling Stock
Jonny211 GWR 13T Brake Van Bogey Rolling Stock
Jonny211 GWR 13T Brake Van interior Miscellaneous
Jonny211 GWR 13T Brake Van - Oakwood Depot Rolling Stock
LLJ oiltank Buildings / Structures
Jonny211 GWR 13T Brake Van - Bath Depot Rolling Stock
Jonny211 GWR 13T Brake Van - Acton Depot Rolling Stock
kkjensen SD40-2 MRL 706 Locomotives
SkunkWorks Small_Water_Tower Buildings / Structures
SkunkWorks Yard_Closet_Single Buildings / Structures
SkunkWorks Yard_Closet_Double Buildings / Structures
SkunkWorks Section_Tool_House Buildings / Structures
SkunkWorks Material_House_Small Buildings / Structures
SkunkWorks Material_House_Large Buildings / Structures
rabid BR 125mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 120mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 115mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 110mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 105mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 075mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 100mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 095mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 090mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 085mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 080mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 070mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 065mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 060mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 055mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 050mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 045mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 040mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 035mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 030mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 025mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 020mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 015mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 010mph Trackside Accessories
rabid BR 005mph Trackside Accessories
rabid _Point Motor WH63 Trackside Accessories
rabid XT rock wall 2t Track
rabid XT rock wall 1t Track
rabid US tunnel Track
rabid US stone tunnel Track
rabid UK tunnel Track
rabid UK stonepole 2t Track
rabid UK stone tunnel Track
rabid UK stone arch t2 Track
rabid UK steel bridge 2t Track
rabid UK slab bridge 2t Track
rabid UK rock wall 2t Track
rabid UK k bridge 2t Track
rabid UK double wooden Track
rabid UK double concrete Track
rabid UK dark stone arch 2t Track
rabid UK brsteelframe 2t Track
rabid EU tunnel Track
rabid EU stonepole 2t Track
rabid EU stone tunnel Track
rabid EU stone arch t2 Track
rabid EU steel bridge 2t Track
rabid EU slab bridge 2t Track
rabid EU rock wall 2t Track
rabid EU k bridge 2t Track
rabid EU double wooden Track
rabid EU double concrete Track
rabid EU dark stone arch 2t Track
rabid EU brsteelframe 2t Track
rabid 2x catenary single Buildings / Structures
rabid 2x catenary double Buildings / Structures
Ridge_Runner LV GP38-2 #322 Locomotives
majekear Caboose Southern Pacific 1644 Rolling Stock
Ridge_Runner LV GP38-2 #319 Locomotives
tafweb LTU_Station Buildings / Structures
Ridge_Runner LV GP38-2 #318 Locomotives
lrv3400 TYPE7 MBTA Repaint B Rolling Stock
lrv3400 TYPE7 MBTA Repaint A Rolling Stock
lrv3400 TYPE7 MBTA Original B Rolling Stock
lrv3400 TYPE7 MBTA Original A Rolling Stock
lrv3400 Type 7 Bogey Rolling Stock
lrv3400 Type 7 Articulated Joint Rolling Stock
lrv3400 Trolley Coupler Rolling Stock
Ridge_Runner LV GP38-2 #316 Locomotives
nkpellegrino HT P&WV 3085 Rolling Stock
louvain LMS 5 Plank Wagon with coal load Rolling Stock
nkpellegrino HT NKP 99192 Rolling Stock
nkpellegrino HT Wab 35037 Rolling Stock
Blue My_bogey Rolling Stock
nkpellegrino HT P&WV 3058 Rolling Stock
nkpellegrino HT Wab 35073 Rolling Stock
nkpellegrino HT B&O 233506 Rolling Stock
nkpellegrino HT ACY 7044 Rolling Stock
nkpellegrino HT B&O 233560 Rolling Stock
tafweb Church_1942 Buildings / Structures
nkpellegrino HT ACY 7074 Rolling Stock
nkpellegrino HT NKP 99129 Rolling Stock
louvain clay Rolling Stock

The Download Station current hit parade of top five all time downloads are:
1. Sagatukett
[Downloaded: 3049]
2. New River Rail
[Downloaded: 2911]
3. SAR Passenger Station 2 Tracks
[Downloaded: 1965]
4. Razorback Railway
[Downloaded: 1820]
5. HotRod
[Downloaded: 1733]

This Week's Top Five Downloads
1. Church_1942
[Downloaded: 150]
2. Amfleet II Cafe Phase IV
[Downloaded: 129]
3. Balla
[Downloaded: 121]
4. NYC_Freight_Station_HPC
[Downloaded: 119]
5. Pioneer
[Downloaded: 117]

The Current Top 5 Uploaderz are:
1. majekear 459
2. Bossman 191
3. Mike10 114
4. gjvh 113
5. Boweavel 99

The Trainz forum waffle thread of the week goes to PikkaBird's "Ugly Yellow Thing" thread. As some of you know Pikka has been working here at Auran over the course of the past few weeks helping out with testing for UTC. He's been doing a great job. Pikka will also shortly be taking up a role as an Auran Trainz forum moderator (he is currently a community moderator) and will also be answering Trainz related emails. On the topic of moderators, you will have noticed that we recently appointed a few new community moderators. I would like to thank all the current moderators for taking on this challenging and at times difficult role. Here's a list of the current community mods: Barney, Boco, CeeBee, ChileanLlama, PikkaBird, gregsd, monsieurmax, samrec, Atari, Rince, 656, proksie1, ruuddie, Mikado, Rc1166, Skogen, gregand, yojimbo and K3nn7.

And we also have a new Auran moderator. Mr Lane himself will be taking on the role of an Auran moderator. Congratulations Greg, I hereby arm you with the waffle cards; use them well ;)

PaintShed Competition Winners.

Congratulations to the winners of the PaintShed competition.


Rolling Stock
Well that's it for now. Catchyas on the forums and chat.


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